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Toxic Comparisonitis

Sometimes I look for reasons to beat myself up; comparing yourself to others can perpetuate some major self loathing. I try to be conscious of where my mind goes when I leave it to wander. Acknowledging things that trigger my self doubt or insecurity is an important part of protecting my mental wellness; when I feel bad about myself it’s usually not something I’ve done, but more-so something I hadn’t done that is the root of this regret.

I use these moments of understanding to set boundaries; avoid that kind of internal chaos, accept the things I can’t change. Or, and more often lately, to motivate me to better myself in those areas I can!

Currently there’s a number of things I’m working to improve for myself. To name a few: artistic productivity, personal fitness, mental health and posture!

I think self confidence is more important to me at this point in my life because I’m comparing the person I am today to the person I can and want to be. I believe that’s the only healthy comparison I should be making!

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