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portrait of zaccy kissing a pastel pig with wings

It’s Not A Race

So far Year of the Pig has been a big adventure! ?

I’ve taken a lot of “me” time to think, prepare and plan for wherever life is taking me. ?

But I often find myself ~feeling~ like I’m just not accomplishing anything at all ?, however I have to remind myself that is not true! Did you know that the Pig in the Zodiac was the last animal to make it to see the Jade Emperor? ? He might’ve stopped to eat, or he may have been rebuilding his house that was destroyed by a wolf! Regardless, he took time to do what was important for him before taking the invitation to the party! He made it, I will too! ? That is a nice story I’m reminding myself of – I have been doing very important things for my body & mind, and I regret nothing because I know when it comes to fulfilling my dreams and the expectations I put on myself: I will show up when I’m ready. ? ? Please don’t use this story as an excuse to be a procrastinator, that’s not my intention! Don’t let time slip away, don’t be lazy! But… don’t forget, whatever your goals are, that it is not a race and so there’s nothing wrong with taking your time or coming in last place; everyone has their own pace in life. ? …Unless of course your goal is to win a race; in that case, get up and go! Do it for the pig! ? I believe in you! ?‍♀️

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