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I Thought Everybody Wanted To Evolve, I Was Wrong

I wonder how many people are sick of the sheer chaos yet monotony of this year, desperately vying to shake off depression as I have been doing? 🧐

I was thinking about how emotions can sometimes be contagious, similar to the-thing-that-must-not-be-named, and I’m imagining this sort of existential crisis sweeping in waves across the world as we navigate through this very unique time.

I came across this quote from Richard Taylor’s Restoring Pride 📖 and it was haunting enough that I’d like to share it: “Most people are, in the most ordinary sense, very limited. They pass their time, day after day, in idle, passive pursuits, just looking at things – at games, television, whatever. Or they fill the hours talking, mostly about nothing of significance – of comings and goings, of who is doing what, of the weather, of things forgotten almost as soon as they are mentioned. They have no aspirations for themselves beyond getting through another doing more or less what they did yesterday. They walk across the stage of life, leaving everything about as it was when they entered, achieving nothing, aspiring to nothing, having never a profound or even original thought… This is what is common, usual, typical, indeed normal. Relatively few rise above such a plodding existence.”

That was alarming to read! 😱 I have so much drive to grow, experience new things and explore my creativity – It took me a long time to realize that not everyone has the same innate ambition, this never ending need for adventure and insatiable curiosity that lives inside me! Perspective is everything. 

I used to think that all of us had this ~thing~, but just like this quote …time has shown me that it’s actually a gift and one worth sharing in hopes to plant that seed in those around you. The thought of “most people” being “background people” in this life makes me want to do something worth sharing, don’t you think?

I’m thankful I get depressed when things are not going well, it motivates me to adapt and move on and try something new. The only thing I’m afraid of is staying the same. I’ve learned a lot this year about myself and now I’m learning a lot about others too! Humans are fascinating!

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