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Cleaning Out My Closet

You can’t have it all. But… you can have a lot. And sometimes too much! I’ve been taking inventory of my goals, priorities and possessions…

I’m cleaning out my closet, literally, because the clutter just draws attention away from what is useful to me. My theory is simple: less options will save me valuable time and space. Minimalism isn’t something I’ll ever accomplish, but I’m learning to let go of things that aren’t that important to me.

I’m applying this to all parts of my daily life; for example: politics are an unhealthy distraction for me, I’d rather be in the gym working on my fitness than sitting in front of the television getting sucked into the latest drama. There’s a million choices we make every day.
What is important to you? That is what I ask myself. I can’t do everything, be everywhere for everyone, etc. – but I can choose what is and what isn’t in my best interest; and it starts by cleaning out my closet.

portrait of zaccy facing away from camera

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