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I Love Pokémon

Have you ever considered what Pokémon can teach you about building a creative business as an artist?

In my efforts to better understand myself and evolve into a truly fulfilled individual (whatever that is), I’ve been observing myself and the things that bring me value; I’ve identified a few things that bring me the most satisfaction, and I’ve been diving head-first into them.

My first commitment this year was understanding my brain & body better. Plenty of gym time, reading and meditation has been had. And now, after getting a good evaluation on the internal shenanigans of myself, I’m beginning to be curious about outside stimuli. I want to be surrounded by the things that bring me joy and inspire me, and I want to understand how they have that power over me to begin with!

I enjoy themes. I enjoy collecting things. I enjoy arrangements. I enjoy decorating. …Autumn is always a beautiful time to lean into the curator within myself. I remember as a small child, a kindergartner in Barre Massachusetts, collecting fallen leaves from the trees as I walked to the bus stop. I brought them to school and my teacher showed me how to arrange them between two clear laminating sheets, with some crayola crayon shavings. We sealed them forever in an array of beautiful colors, the wax melting, transforming the dried foliage into an oil-painting. That was possibly my first collection.

No that I’m an adult I have been feeling nostalgic for things in my childhood. I am a huge Pokémon fanboy, and I recently started collecting the trading cards again! For this Halloween, I wanted to decorate but also add things to my Pokémon collection! I selected a few items from the Pokémon Center online store – they offer the most adorable seasonal decorations you can imagine. I am really impressed with the quality of their plush and selection of decorations. I’m not only enjoying these things as a consumer, but also as a creative person. They inspire me.

It’s hard to compare yourself or your work to that of others, you can feel defeated and really develop an unhealthy relationship with yourself and your art. There’s a Pokémon, Mimikyu, that harbors an undying jealousy for Pikachu. I think if Mimikyu were to study Pikachu more, it wouldn’t invest so much time into trying being more like Pikachu in appearance. If Mimikyu understood the real appeal of Pikachu is actually it’s positive relationships with the humans and pokemon around it, maybe Mimikyu would spend more time building relationships instead of hiding behind the thing it thinks others would like it to be.

When considering my own brand, JIGGLYPUNK, I didn’t have a very good business plan in the beginning – I just wanted to see my art printed in a way that could be enjoyed. Seeing the limitless application of the Pokémon world – such as games, anime, manga, plushies, decor, jewelry, etc. – it’s really exciting to see the level of creativity and care that The Pokémon Company and their partners put into their work. The longevity of the brand, and the excitement around it, transcends comprehension. When looking for outer-stimuli I’ve acknowledged my own obsession with all-things-Pokémon, and I’m studying why it has so profoundly appealed to me my entire life!

I have endless thoughts on this, but to save time I just want to say I believe at the core of this theme is collecting, sharing, and intentionally creating with connection. I’m going to apply this trifecta to my own life, art and creative business. I really look forward to seeing where it takes me. If I can pair my curator mind with my creative heart, maybe I’ll have more worth sharing and better connect with people.

If you read this, Thank You! Leave a comment below if you have thoughts on this topic, I’d love to hear from you!

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