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Zaccy tan nude self portrait with hand drawn Pokemon dratini artistic mixed media photography and illustration

I Was Sad

In the spirit of whimsical censorship, a wild Dratini appeared! ✨

I really can’t believe it’s October already! I’m going through some photos I took last year. In doing so, I’m beginning to realize just how different my life is on Earth today! 👁

This is one of those photos that actually means a lot to me right now even though it was never meant to be shared. It was taken at the W in Bali, my favorite retreat, and I was probably the healthiest I’d *physically* been in YEARS up until that point. But, I wasn’t properly dealing with my mental health. I didn’t love myself properly and I focused too much on the only thing I felt like I could control. Athough I was proud enough of myself making some sort of progress, I just didn’t have the confidence to post this photo.

…I was sad. I’m not sad anymore, and looking at this photo makes me feel good about my personal evolution! This year I’ve been in therapy and it is just as fulfilling as a physical workout, and for me it’s been vital to my self esteem.

😁 I continue to challenge myself and change for the better, I encourage you all to reflect and appreciate your own evolution as well.

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