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We Met On Orchard Road

It was time for me to sit down and strap myself to my laptop for a photo-processing extravaganza; I thought it would be great to just work – open Adobe Lightroom and tweak, tone and crop to my hearts content. I figured, before I go to Ireland I could have a trove of wonderful content to publish and put my Instagram on auto-pilot. It was a perfect plan. But, I only got through six photos. Hey, give me a break …I’m notoriously bad at getting shit done. You’d gasp at all the amazing photos I’m just hoarding away in the cloud. In fact, I’ll go ahead and say it right now: I am definitely worth more dead than alive.

I imagine when I’m dead someone will finally finish all the work I have stashed away, it’s a curse really. But, here is visual proof that I am in fact an artistor insane. Probably both.

I was jet-lagged in Singapore. Being the sleepless beauty that I was, I decided I’d like to go out on Orchard Road, the super-chic shopping strip that crazy rich asians love so much, and take some photographs of the lights (or whatever I might find).  It was around 3:30 a.m., it was raining as I made my way down the street, crossing in front of the iconic ION building; it towered above me while I admired it’s reflection in a puddle, rippling from the rain. The only movements were the occasional Taxi and my own shadow following me across the intersection; a phantom-like stalker, with a camera, jet black.

And then I found her. She’s really a troublemaker. I can’t post some of the pictures as we might’ve been arrested for our shenanigans. Just know we fell in and out of love, bodies drenched in rain and sweat, on a pastel goth Hello Kitty adventure along the most commercialized street in all of Asia. And it was spectacular.


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    That’s no kitty, that’s a demon cat from Hell. ?

    ?LUV the lighting, how everything is popping with color & life on the sidewalk, yet not a soul stirs. I almost experienced a little vertigo looking down the escalator; it’s like the stairs were coming up to me, great depth. Did you apply that blur effect on the final shot? Extra cool if you did but sweet if you captured it like that. Really nice work.

    Oh and BTW, what brought me to your work was the Episode II virtual circle jerk; great editing & cam work. You have a really good eye. And everything else as well, ?. I look forward to checking out more of your creativity. You’ve inspired me to stop dragging my feet and release some new edm/electronica/chill music. When I started my Soundcloud/YouTube account I was primarily doing some very cool but pretty eclectic remixes & mashups. I would come up with really smart, bumping blends people wouldn’t expect like Nick Jonas ‘Chains’ w/ Nine-Inch-Nails ‘Closer’. But then I’d do another that people didn’t quite get because it was Duran Duran w/ Andre 3000 and most didn’t know who either artist was, smh. Oh well, I do it for my enjoyment. Like you said, after I’m dead some producer will stumble upon it, declare it brilliant and it will become a new genre unto itself. ?

    I look forward to checking out your other stuff, keep it up. All of it ??. I design my track cover art as well as edit the music videos. The new music is all original edm music, no remixes. Hopefully we can chat creatively sometime. I’d love your feedback on my graphic design & photography, remixes. You’ve got a eye for it so, I definitely would respect your opinion. Zaccy, safe travels & many a sweet busted nut.
    ? ✌️

    Chaz Atlas

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