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All Day I Dream About Britney

? Do you ever see something, either interesting or irrelevant to you, and then start to see that same thing EVERYWHERE?! ? Example: When I tell you, quite honestly, I’ve been singing Britney Spears songs in the shower all month and Stronger is my favorite song by her …You will possibly start to see her in the news or hear about her more frequently. ??‍♂️ Maybe you’ll even notice a friend referencing her music in conversation… and then you see her perfume in a store… Boom! ? Britney pops up in your life seemingly more often! You start to question reality; Is this deliberately happening? Are we living in a simulation? …or do our brains just really love patterns and Zaccy is just playing mind-games here? ? I’m so curious. …see that? WHOA! “Curious” was the name of Britney’s first perfume!

I’m not even kidding, this connect-the-dots train of thought was hijacked; I’d intended to say “I’m so curious what you think,” – and end it there – but here we are with Britney serendipity! What is happening to me?! ? ? Definitely come back to this post to let me know if I’ve summoned a little more Britney into YOUR life! ? Or maybe this whole dialog is actually part of a previous pattern you’ve been noticing, be it Britney or Brains or something unexpected? ? What have you been noticing lately? What do you think?

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