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It’s Okay To Be A Hermit

? For a long time I’ve recognized that I’m an introvert. This year, I started actually EMBRACING it. ?‍♂️I made a conscious decision to be more self-centered; Focused on myself like never before. I needed it, and you know what? It feels amazing! ? Halfway through this year I have a more positive relationship with myself – mind, body, finance, business etc. – and this is not only beneficial to me but also to the people I love. ? I’m happier with myself, and I feel like I can reflect some of it outwardly. I can be more supportive and empathetic with people, probably give better advise and try to be a more positive influence instead of such a downer when I am with other people. ? It comes down to choosing how much socializing I do versus time I go into my shell. Instead of burning myself out by trying to do all the things my extrovert friends do, I prioritize what’s important to me and avoid things I know will be a drain. ? This has been great because I’m more present in those situations, while being more productive in my bubble-time! ? I wonder how many other people identify with my struggle, because it is a balancing act every day; ? Are you an introvert or extrovert? Let me know!

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