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portrait of zaccy meditating in the rain

Goodbye Self Doubt

Anyone else find themselves feeling in a never-ending state of limbo? I want to do so much, waste less time and really grow in all the right ways. I just need to stop planning and start doing! ?

This pesky state of mind can especially manifest itself during a dark time in your life, but it’s also not uncommon to crop up even when everything is perfect. …you can still feel unfulfilled, unproductive, or worse – unworthy or afraid the good times could be fleeting! ? …don’t think about it too much, take each day as a gift and a chance to work towards the goals you have! You have to make time for yourself, your mind, your body, your art, your pet, your plant, etc. etc. – if it’s important to you, pursue it!

This is a pep talk for myself but also for anybody else here in this mind space. You’re not alone. We’ll get through it together! ✌️ P.S. this is an outtake from my wonderfully serendipitous adventure with the mischievous Hello Kitty; I hope you enjoy the pastel goth aesthetic, I think it fits my mood today.

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